Thursday, April 23, 2009

End of April

The high surf and onshore breeze is bringing a wealth of new beans to the shores of Matagorda. Who said Padre Island has the best beaning in Texas?

Firm sands along the lower strand line.

This sea heart ccould be easily missed from the covering of seaweed.

Here are the beans - 12 sea hearts, 14 sea coconuts (many left behind) 16 hamburgers, 4 sea purses, 6 starnut palms, 1 laurelwood, one tropical almond, one candlenut, 1 butternut and 1unidentified acorn-like nut.

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Unknown said...

Hi! We were out on Matagorda Pennisula this weekend with our girls and met a couple of beach combers that told us about sea beans. I am really looking forward to going back now that I know about these little gems! My daughters (3 and 6)are fascinated too. Happy hunting!