Saturday, May 2, 2009

Beans, Beans, & More Beans

"Honey - we may need to get a bigger trailer."

The drift seeds are coming in fast and furious and we are finding new specimens almost every time we go out.

This is an ivory nut palm. The inside is a white material used for a substitute for elephant ivory. Items like dice, dominoes, cue balls, buttons, and cane handles are made from this seed.

This is a Jamaican walnut aka Tropical walnut.

This little guy is a bay bean.

We made quite a haul:15 sea hearts, 31 sea coconuts (many left behind) 25 brown and 10 red hamburgers, 5 sea purses, 8 starnut palms, 2 laurelwood, one tropical walnut, one ivory nut palm, 3 gray and one brown nickarnut, 7 prickly palm and 3 little vine seeds.

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