Saturday, May 9, 2009


You almost can't predict what will wash up with the beans. I'm sure this shoe has a story.

Here is another Mary's Bean.

This is the coolest sea purse found so far. Tracy let me take a picture but it is on her desk instead of in the bowl with all the "ugly beans".

Tracy also found this crabwood - a first find for us on the Texas coast.

Here are the keepers - Three sea coconuts four palms, two hamburgers, and a seaheart.

2 comments: said...

wow what sea treasure, must say I haven't found a purse like that!


Kathi said...

Just stumbled over here. This is fascinating! I've never heard of beach beans but now as I look at your posts I know I have seen some!
I didn't know what they were. I just thought they were cool. Picked them up and then tossed them back. Yours are beautiful all polished up! Love your displays too. I love beachcoming!
Next time I'm going to look for more that shells and driftwood!