Saturday, January 30, 2010

Beans, Barnacles & Bones

I'm bad about picking up trash on the beach.

One think I can't seem to pass up is a bone especially if it is fossilized or unique.

Here are some of the recent finds along with some barnacles and driftwood.

The beans of the day include a swamp lilly (top), some palms, a heart, and a candlenut along with a square chunk of jet.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

Well, 2010 is here and what better way to enjoy the day then to take a walk on the beach.

I treasure the times I can listen to the pulse of the surf and let my mind free to think about the great blessings we have in Christ and to enjoy the beauty of God's creation.

This scarecrow must have stayed up till midnight waiting on the New Year.

You never know what you may find in the quest for beans on the beach. This snake skeleton made an interesting sight in the sand.

A single blade of cord grass whipped out this trench as the wind tickled it across the sand.

Even this little bird was dragging his toes as he made his way home.

This mermaid's purse was half buried.

I found several cool beans this day including a Mary's bean, two hearts, some burgers and palms, and an antidote vine seed. Also, I picked up some shells and coral and one coconut to add to the collection at the nature center.

Here are the non-bean treasures.