Tuesday, December 22, 2009

National Seashore

Matt and Carly were home for Christmas and one thing we had planned was a trip to South Texas for a little King's Inn seafood. We made it a road trip and on the way back after lunch we stopped off at the Padre Island National Seashore (PINS) near Corpus Christi.

First stop - the Visitor's Center. I was eager to see what they had on display.

In addition to lots of printed materials, the folks at PINS had a nice collection of beach treasures including a whole dolphin skeleton, shells, and lots of beans.

Here is the master teacher at work with two willing students.

Some of the day's finds included starfish, branch coral, barnacles, sand dollars, and worm casings.

Searching along the high dunes of PINS.

The shells in the middle are called turkey wings. You can also see some of the fresh sand dollars.

Here is the difference between fresh and cleaned/dried/bleached sand dollars.

I found my first wood rose seed (left) which looks a lot like a railroad vine seed (right) but is much bigger. Both are closely related to the Mary's Bean - in morning glory family.

Here is one last look at the display table. One of the big seeds on top is a box fruit - I want to find one of those!

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