Friday, October 30, 2009


We had the rare opportunity to introduce some friends to seabeaning. Our plan was to meet them for supper on Friday and to our surprise and delight we found them roaming around on the beach before our scheduled meeting time.

As is my habit, I mentioned something about sea beans in our Bible class and Rocky & Myra got curious. Then they made the mistake of asking, "What's a sea bean?".

Before long they were educated and eager to find one.

They had been looking along the fresh surf line without much success but then figured out that the best beaning was higher up the beach in the wrack line.

I picked up some really nice beans and what I like to call a "beanie baby"

We found lots of good beans including these sea purses and hamburgers.

I like the palm seeds and we found lots of starnut and prickly palms.

We had a nice dinner and I think Rocky and Myra will be back soon. Bean on!

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