Friday, August 1, 2008


Most folks who have ever spent much time walking along a beach have enjoyed the array of items that can be found there. The Texas beach we have come to love - Matagorda Peninsula - is a treasure trove of things to see and experience.

We try not to pick up too much stuff to take home but several shells, pieces of driftwood, worn glass, crab shells, and rocks have ended up on our windowsills and in a vareity of containers all around our house.

On a recent trip I discovered several seed pods - some local and some exotic - that were collected together high up near the dunes. I began looking them up for identification and found the wonderful world of sea beans. Some of these floating pods come down the many rivers that drain into the Gulf of Mexico and some are caught up in ocean currents and travel thousands of miles to be washed up with seaweed and man made debris.

This blog will chronicle my finds and will hopefully educate and entertain those lucky enough to find it. Your comments are always welcome. Thanks for visiting - now lets go find some beans!


Bawana said...

As a matter of fact I do know beans!

Unknown said...

Very nice! Fantastic photos! The pictures tell a story, for sure, but your stories with the photos complement each other well! Thanks for taking the time to share your "finds" and stories with all of us. Paul Mikkelsen (